About inszenio

What sets inszenio apart from other corporate and business theatres? What do we do differently? What makes us stand out?

We are professional dramatists with diverse stage expertise. Whether as an actor or director, each and every member of the inszenio team has gone through professional and rigorous stage training.

We possess sound business knowledge. Many of us have acquired professional experience in businesses and particularly in management positions. As a result, we are familiar with the structures, processes and areas of conflict within organisations.

We are communication experts who have come to appreciate the undeniable importance of interpersonal interaction. We therefore develop tailored solutions specific to your target-group and always focussed around the objectives to wish to achieve.

Our mix of methods makes us versatile. We understand the impact of theatre and of drama-based training – not only in terms of the academic theory, but also in practice.

Last but not least, the best reason of all: many satisfied customers.

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