Business Theatre Formats

Theatre works! And it solves conflicts.

Because it takes situations and messages and relates them to individuals. Because it holds a mirror up to the audience and thus sharpens their senses.

Forum Theatre – the Classic Interactive Approach

Forum Theatre, a combination of stage production and improvisation, is an interactive drama-based training format designed for tackling prospective conflict situations in the workplace.

Professional actors present to-the-point mock situations, in which the desired messages are handled in an entertaining way.

These situations tend to have an ending which is unsatisfactory and in need of improvement. The moderator works together with the audience to gradually develop a positive version of the scene. He or she invites the viewers to take on the role of director, and the actors follow their instructions to replay the scene ad hoc on the stage. The key questions to the auditorium are: what would I do in this situation? With our goals in mind, how can the scene be altered to give a positive outcome?

Values And Benefits

conveys messages in a direct and humorous way.

allows the audience to play an active part, but without obligation.

an entertaining way of holding a mirror up to the audience.

encourages communication and discussion about the current status quo and highlights the areas of improvement.

Mirror Theatre – an Interactive Theatrical Wrap-Up for any Event

Mirror Theatre is the ideal way to bring your event to its close, presenting an effective summary of the content and identifying the outcomes of the day in a hands-on manner.

In improvised theatre scenes, professional actors hold up a mirror to the participants of an event (conference, seminar, workshop etc.).
Their impressions, experiences and dialogues are presented in meaningful, humorous scenes, offering a change of perspective to the viewers.

During the event, the actors either circulate incognito amongst the participants (this is only possible in larger, anonymous groups) or they are introduced accordingly by the event organiser.

This form of theatrical follow-up is suited above all as an entertaining summary and reflection of the main discussion points and outcomes (i.e. from small groups).

Values and benefits

A fitting summary through a mirroring of the topics and outcomes of the event.

High entertainment value through meaningful ‘overstatement’ and interaction with the audience.

Provokes discourse on the content covered and encourages a change of perspective.

Mini-Drama – Business Theatre in Miniature

The small stage form for all occasions: short, snappy and enjoyable, the Mini-drama brings the message straight to the fore and marks out the topics in a humorous way. For this reason, Mini-drama is suited both as an initial element of the learning and recognition process, and as an input method, which condenses topics to their core, and opens discussions.
This memorable and emotive format can be used, for example, to give participants a good understanding of research results.

Values and benefits

The core messages are conveyed effectively.

High entertainment value through meaningful overstatement.

Provokes discussion on the content covered and creates awareness for areas of improvement.