Methods and Techniques

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” (W. Shakespeare)

Drama-based communication training surprises and activates. Through interaction and the use of humour as a key methodical element, we succeed in raising awareness and resolving conflicts. Through the integration into specific business contexts, we open up the action to the employees and the organisation.

In our intervention and training programmes we reflect the role-play of everyday work and analyse and edit it, using the methods of drama-based communication, in the following three dimensions: role, staging and storyline.

  • the awareness of the roles that we take on in particular professional situations.
  • the ability to act as a director and stage these individual roles in a way which feels natural and is appropriate to the situation.
  • the capacity to tell a story and to communicate a message within a meaningful context.

Benefits of theatre-based Interventions made by inszenio

  • Variety of topics: From company culture, to organisational change and development, staff development or brand communication – no matter what it is, our adaptable team can respond to all types of content, tailored to your requirements.
  • Variety of formats: From the development and staging of bespoke theatre or film scenes, to drama-based workshops, to improvised stage shows – we select the suitable format, with the desired level of interaction, for your target group and your objectives.
  • Variety of processes: Where required, we will oversee the whole process – from the theatrical “kick-off” for large groups, to in-depth training session in small groups and the respective multimedia editing (e.g. for use on your intranet), to individual coaching sessions.
  • Measurability: We make the effect of our drama-based programmes measurable – through evaluation methods from feedback questionnaires, to topic-specific group discussions.

Formats and Offers

  • Act Leadership - theatre-based leadership training lab
  • Make the Difference - Sales-Training for successful Client Communication
  • Presence and Impact - Performming Presence in Presentations and Meetings
  • Forum Theatre - an interactive BusinessTheatre Classic
  • Mirror Theatre - an interactive WrapUp for Conferences
  • MiniDrama - a pointed Intervention to send Key Messages