References: Selected Customers and Projects

Bayer HealthCare

  • The briefing: To develop a Dinner Theatre in English on the topic of ‘diversity’, in the framework of and international Top Management conference.
  • The solution: Three mini soaps as metaphors for real situations.
  • The feedback: “Kudos to the Business Theatre! It has more truth than one is willing to admit. The theatre was absolutely fabulous. Your work was excellent all round.”

Daimler AG / HR

  • The briefing: interactive portrayal of the eight career anchors (proposed by Edgar Schein) for an international group of participants. The opportunity for an engaging debate and comparison of one’s own career anchors in relation to the others.
  • The solution: Development of a Forum Theatre in the style of a Western entitled “Magnificent Eight”.
  • The feedback: You can read about the project in this article published in ‘Personalwirtschaft’ (in German).

Deutsche Telekom AG

  • The briefing: interactive portrayal of a new management approach and its respective effects through audience participation and integration.
  • The solution: development of business theatre scenes and selective usage of Forum Theatre elements.
  • The feedback: “The inszenio team fulfilled our objectives to our highest satisfaction. Through a combination of scripted and improvised elements, the actors and the moderator succeeded in conveying the key messages in a factual and entertaining way. They related it extremely well to the audience, who took great interest in what was happening. Even beyond the event, inszenio’s performance has remained present in the minds of the participants. Both the project management and the artistic implementation of our key points have convinced us of the effectiveness of business theatre as a means of communication.”(Thomas Mörsdorf, Deutsche Telekom AG).

GASAG Berlin

  • The briefing: to form problem-solving approaches for situations within the company through drama-based workshops as part of a management conference.
  • The solution: The participants were offered a change of perspective. Development and implementation of theatrical scenes in theatre workshops, taking place in parallel and each led by an acting-coach. Subsequent follow-up through the presentation of video-clips.
  • The evaluation feedback from participants: “The raising of awareness of problems and possible solutions worked fantastically.” “Thank you! In all, a highly successful session.”
  • Through the change of perspective, I was able to better recognise role patterns in my communication. (45% agree)
  • The drama-based workshops have helped me to develop concrete solutions in order to improve the teamwork throughout the organisation. (56% agree)

Melitta Haushaltsprodukte

  • The briefing: to integrate interactive theatre elements into the framework of an international management conference. To actively involve the participants, in keeping with the philosophy of the event. A collective, self-reflective experience for all attendees.
  • The solution: development and realisation of theatre workshops in English involving the collaborative development of theatre scenes on particular topics, each led by an acting coach. Subsequently, at an evening event, the results of the workshops were shown in a performance.

Statkraft Markets Deutschland GmbH

  • The briefing: An entertaining mirroring of business approaches focussed on organisational change, which motivates the audience and creates identity.
  • The solution: Development of a Forum Theatre based on mock scenarios allowing the analysis of business situations.

Formats and Offers

  • Act Leadership - theatre-based leadership training lab
  • Make the Difference - Sales-Training for successful Client Communication
  • Presence and Impact - Performming Presence in Presentations and Meetings
  • Forum Theatre - an interactive BusinessTheatre Classic
  • Mirror Theatre - an interactive WrapUp for Conferences
  • MiniDrama - a pointed Intervention to send Key Messages