Theatrebased Interventions for Organisational Change and Development

As a business theatre, we deliver bespoke theatre-based solutions and training programmes and apply them as a powerful instrument for communication in a business context as well as for events.

We portray and analyse everyday business situations and deal with them through drama-based communication methods – always tailored to your individual objectives.

The value and benefits of theatre-based communication training

Theatre-based communication training uses the medium of theatre to produce scenarios from a corporate context, involving a range of people, brands, products, companies and organizations as well as themes such as conflict in the workplace, change and development.

Our customer evaluations clearly show that drama-based communication training motivates and gives a lasting impression

  • because it conveys content and messages in a tangible and expressive way
  • because it presents the audience with a mirror of work and life, making them more aware of communicative modes of behaviour
  • because it provokes self reflection in a meaningful and humorous way
  • because it actively involves its addressees and encourages them to develop problem-solving techniques
  • because it is surprising and powerful, yet not over-powering

Formats and Offers

  • Act Leadership - theatre-based leadership training lab
  • Make the Difference - Sales-Training for successful Client Communication
  • Presence and Impact - Performming Presence in Presentations and Meetings
  • Forum Theatre - an interactive BusinessTheatre Classic
  • Mirror Theatre - an interactive WrapUp for Conferences
  • MiniDrama - a pointed Intervention to send Key Messages