Leadership and communication training

Business is a stage! Actors know exactly how to impress, influence and emotionally engage their audience. Make these methods your own and prepare for your next appearance on the business stage. Whether in an employee interview, in conflict situations, to pitch your ideas and concepts during a presentation or to appear effectively in meetings. Whether virtually or in presence. We expand your toolbox of situational behavioural options for effective performance on the business stage.

With our scenic learning method, we show you again and again how things should definitely not go. In the same way, we practise in role play with stage professionals how to do it better and how to create the effect you want to create. This way you don’t just learn the theory, but get straight into action. So that new routines are internalised.

# For a confident and credible appearance in times of uncertainty.

# For situationally effective leadership behaviour in the new now.

# For coherent communication in the VUCA world.

# For effective storytelling in challenging situations.