MiniDrama – the small form with a big effect

The small stage form for all occasions: short, crisp and entertaining, the MiniDrama brings messages to the point and addresses topics in a humorous way. For example, as a playful and pointed warm-up for a town hall or management event.

Together with you, we develop an individual stage experience with professional actors – tailored to your subject. Start with an experience and make your event exciting and unforgettable.

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# appreciative

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Benefits and added value

  • More than just words: make it possible to experience what it’s all about in a sensual way!
  • Important core messages stay in the mind longer. If you can connect a story or pictures with the topic, you remember topics more precisely and intensively.
  • No matter how serious the situation: it is also allowed to laugh, because laughter liberates and connects.
  • We recognise ourselves in play. This helps us to rethink ingrained patterns of action.

Manager im Weltall - Kollege Chef

Manager im Weltall - Gesunde neue Arbeitswelt

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