Forum theater – the interactive classic in business theater

Forum theater is a result-oriented mix of staged and improvised elements and is suitable as interactive scenic training for future behaviour in (conflict) situations.

On the one hand, the format is suitable as a large group event and, at the same time, can also be designed as a scenic training in small groups.

Procedure and added values

Making the problem visible: Professional actors present a pointed model scene in which specific aspects and questions around a topic, e.g. communication or leadership behavior, are raised in a humorous way in about 10 minutes. The situations portrayed end up unsatisfactory and in need of optimization.

The audience as director: Directly after these play scenes, a moderator develops the positive version of the scene together with the audience by interviewing the characters about their motives and inviting audience members to direct. The actors implement the instructions ad hoc on stage. Key questions to the audience are: What would I do in the situation portrayed? How can we positively change the scene through our ideas and suggestions for action?

Business theater sets change in motion because it…

  • …holds a mirror up to the audience in a humorous way.
  • …initiates communication and exchange about the current status quo and opens awareness for areas of optimization.
  • …makes the audience directors of their role-actions without violating their need for protection.
  • …develops concrete approaches for behavioral changes in dialogue with the audience.

Case-Video: Forumtheatre on Leadership (only available in german)

For legal reasons you need a password for the video. Please ask us for it, we will gladly send it to you!

Selection of clients for whom we have realized a forum theatre